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Business Lies

"When in doubt tell the truth. It will confound your enemies and astound your friends." - Mark Twain

Business lies. Have you ever heard that term? I have and it was explained to me like this.

"Some lies, lies that have to do with our friends, family, and the people we love are real lies. However with business, in the course of conducting business, sometimes you MUST lie. You MUST lie because if people knew the truth..the truth that you made a mistake..the truth that you really don't know what to do in this circumstance..the truth that you may have misdiagnosed something..the truth that you made a promise you probably shouldn't have and now cannot honor..these truths (although they are entirely understandable and unavoidable given the limitations we all share) cannot be confessed to your customers.

Why? Because they simply would not understand. Why? Because it would cause you more unwanted conflicts. Why? Because it will damage your reputation. Why? Because..well because it might make you look bad. Why? Because it may cost you money! But hey! Don't look so glum chum! These are not REAL lies..they are just BUSINESS LIES! And brother, hallelujah, they don't count! Why? Why? Because that is simply the way businesses HAVE to operate." - An unnamed former employer and other various nodding heads.

I just got to say folks, especially to those business owners who may be reading this, that my friend is B.S.! Trust me on this. A lie is a lie is a lie.

So, in the spirit of real honesty let me confess to you some unflattering truths about Able Appliance Repair.

I am a one man show. I am not the most skilled appliance technician in Omaha. In fact, though I'm nationally certified and have all the proper credentials and references to back ‘em, I am still learning. In this field, one is constantly learning. I don't know everything there is to know about all the thousands of different appliances that are out there. Not even close!

Embarrassingly sometimes I walk into a house with the newest most fancy technological wonder...that I'm there to fix...and..ah-hemm..I don't even know how to turn the darn thing on! (When I was in school my instructor, himself a tech for over 30 years taught us a slick trick he used when it happens to him, "Yes", he said "it happens to all of us!".."But this is what you say. So sir, mam, show me how you normally operate your unit." LOL! "Then BAM! They just taught you how to turn it on without realizing they just taught you how to turn it on!") It is funny, no?

So, all humor aside let me be frank. I will never lie to you. I stand by all my labor and let those whom I have served say the nice thing about me. (Hopefully) If I make a mistake I'm going to tell you. If I don't know how to fix it I'm going to tell you. If I think another company may better fit your needs I'm going to tell you. If I believe it is truly a waste of your money to fix a machine that is not worth fixing..even though it might take money from my own pocket..I will tell you to pass on the repair. And this is my guarantee. If the job isn't successful I will refund your money. I back that with a one year warranty that is both written, and signed, upon completion of the repair.

Also if you are interested I can supply numerous references of my current and past customers, and I'll bet you one dollar, they too will tell you..what I just told you.

So, that said, if you or someone you love needs appliance repair at rates roughly 1/2 of what other larger companies are charging..if you or someone you love is looking for competent certified repair from someone you can give me a jingle.

Able Appliance Repair 402-781-4223,, or give me a lil Google or Facebook search @ Able Appliance Repair Omaha


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